California Gold

1220mm x 610mm Size Sheet
….. and only 2mm THIN!


£30.00 per sheet ex VAT


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California Gold Stone Veneer
Deep grey colour augmented by seams of purest gold

Because of its unbelievable bendiness, Real Stone Veneer can be used in applications previously undreamt of – pillars, walls, ceilings, columns, furniture, luggage and more – can now all be made to look absolutely stunning, clothed in real stone.
Everything you’d expect from a top quality veneer. But it’s real stone!

Real stone in our unique form can be bent, cut and shaped to fit any surface area, regardless of whether it is flat curved or even a mix of the two.

Available in 12 stunning colours each with a distinctive, individual pattern, BendyStone is the result of applying German skill, know-how and technology to one of nature’s oldest and most enduring materials.

Reception areas, entrances, boardrooms, hotel foyers, restaurants or any other interior area can all be given a unique touch of class which comes from using a beautiful natural product.

In the home its uses extend to bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms or anywhere that would benefit from a luxurious, striking and altogether dramatic appearance.

What’s more, being incredibly lightweight, Real Stone Veneer is simple and quick to install, saving time and money. It has the added advantage of being easy and economical to ship, to store and handle. As if that were not enough, it is also extremely eco-friendly in production and sustainability.

Anyone looking to add a top quality finish with a striking appearance and unrivalled flexibility in use now has a new opportunity with Real Stone Veneer.

We are also the leading UK supplier of Natural Stone Veneer sometimes called Real Stone Veneer.

Buy online now or to learn more, just call us on 0151 357 2244

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